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Subaru and Toyota: A Sports Car on the Horizon


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After the BR-Z and the GR86, the BZ4X and the Solterra, the next collaborative project between Subaru and Toyota may take the form of a 100% electric sports car. Some rumors suggest that the name MR2 could resurface at Toyota, while Subaru is considering the name Vortex.

Needless to say, there is very little information on the subject at this time, but we know that the pair of sports cars will be unveiled at the Japan Mobility Show in the coming days.

Several names have been mentioned on both sides. In Toyota\'s case, the most popular options are definitely MR2 and Celica, two legendary names in the brand's history. On Subaru's side, reference has been made to the names Vortex and Sato. The latter may be less well-known, but they are nonetheless important to the brand.

Sporty and Electric

Toyota and Subaru already offer a shared sports car and an electric vehicle. However, the Japanese manufacturers have decided to take the concept even further by combining the two into a single model. The idea is interesting since there are currently no options in this segment. Therefore, the two Japanese manufacturers could set the tone for this new category with their new electric sports car.

Enhanced Technologies

What makes this new pair of electric sports cars even more interesting are the accompanying technologies. Toyota, like several other manufacturers, has been somewhat reserved about complete electrification. In fact, it's not that the Japanese manufacturer dislikes the idea of an electric car, but they seem to find that current technologies are not quite up to par.

According to several sources, the new small sports cars from Toyota and Subaru will help the manufacturers develop more efficient technologies, offering better capabilities, faster charging, and, most importantly, greater range, all within a more compact battery.

The two small sports cars won't be the only 100% electric models presented by Toyota at the Japan Mobility Show. The manufacturer intends to showcase a plethora of concepts. Now, all that\'s left is to hope that some of these concepts eventually make it into production, helping to put the Japanese manufacturer at the forefront of the electric vehicle market.

Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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