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Subaru: a new WRX STi, or almost


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At Subaru, there are three letters that will resonate with enthusiasts, namely the acronym STi (Subaru Technica International). Unfortunately, there is no STi version available for the WRX since the new generation. Accessories with STi branding can be added, and the RS version closely approaches what the WRX STi offered with the previous generation. Nevertheless, the legendary series of letters is missing from the recipe.

Firstly, you are not dreaming; it is indeed a Subaru WRX STi that you see in the article's presentation image. This is the car that the Japanese manufacturer unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show. However, before getting excited, you should know that it is a limited production series, with only 500 units being produced. Moreover, it will be exclusively offered in Japan. As if that weren't enough, interested buyers will have to go through a lottery process to have the chance to acquire this exceptional sports car.

A true WRX STi?

Although it bears the STi emblem, this car does not quite fit the typical model definition. First, there is the 6-speed manual transmission. Well, there is no 6-speed manual transmission, as the only available option will be the continuously variable transmission (CVT). As for the mechanical aspect, the car retains the same 2.4-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine found in the Subaru WRX. The power remains unchanged at 271 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. The improvements to the car are essentially limited to the STi accessories already available in the manufacturer's catalog. This special edition also features Recaro front seats, which, I must admit, look quite stylish.

The manufacturer's performance division has still made some unique enhancements to the car, starting with a set of side skirts and 19-inch BBS wheels. However, this new WRX STi does not have a massive rear spoiler, as was the case in the past. Engineers have instead opted for a more subtle and elegant trunk spoiler. It's less impressive, I agree, but the Japanese manufacturer's sports car remains nonetheless impressive.

Even though this STi version is not available in Canada, the Subaru WRX remains an excellent choice and certainly one of the cars best suited to our climate. It is sporty, functional, and very enjoyable to drive.

Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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