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Driving A 2016 Subaru Legacy

Check out this great video of last weeks blizzard! Video shot while driving 2016 Subaru Legacy 3.6 Limited Tech.

2016 Subaru Legacy Tackles Winter

This Is How You Snowstorm – 2016 Subaru Legacy 3.6 Limited Tech

2016 Subaru Legacy | Budds' Subaru
2016 Subaru Legacy

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What Goes Into A Labour Rate?

Sometimes people look at a labour rate and think something north of $120 is high. Before we get into everything that is involved in a service experience, we should have a little context. When someone comes to fix your computer or photocopier, they come armed with a screwdriver, show up between 9 and 5 with no actual time commitment. I defy you to pay less than $200 even if it’s a 10 minute job. Similarly, if you have a washing machine or plumbing issue, you’ll be lucky to escape a large bill to replace something as simple as a fuse or a screw.

Labour Rate | Budds' Subaru

Understanding The Labour Rate

Our business is complex. From the time we we answer the phone, transfer you to a service advisor, and schedule an appointment, our commitment has already started. Most of our technicians will have at the very least 1 week per year in offsite training. In addition, they have a multitude of online training throughout the year. The same goes for our advisors, and service managers. Every dealership has valets to shuttle customers and cars throughout the day.  Of course we also have wash attendants cleaning your car after services. In addition, we heavily subsidize a fleet of courtesy cars. This service ensures you are mobile as quickly as possible, with little interference in your busy schedule.

Hard Costs Involved

During the day, our advisors are extremely busy. They prepare quotes for potential needs, answer calls for new bookings. They are always proactively communicating with our customers with finish times or additional questions to narrow down a diagnosis. Factor in the sheer square footage of our shop, clean up area, hundreds of thousands of dollars of special tools for the brand, in addition to the technicians own tools, you’ll get a feel for the commitment we have to servicing and repairing your car to your satisfaction. Heat, light, power, taxes, and insurance are just some of the extra costs that every business bears, and these things tend to go up every year as do benefits and wages. Manufacturers often set the warranty rate, that they pay us to repair your car, at a number lower than our required rate, but that just becomes part of the franchise.

These are some of the reasons behind how we set our labour rate in a competitive industry. Hopefully this gives you a better understanding of the inherent cost of every hour of labour charged.

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Subaru Outback Named Best Buy For Seventh Consecutive Year

The 2016 Subaru Outback named to the Car Guide’s (Le Guide de l’auto) annual Best Buys list for seventh straight year. This topped the Mid-Size SUV under $50,000 category. Additionally, the performance-focused Subaru WRX was given a second place mention in the Best Buy – Sports Car and Coupes under $50,000 category.

Subaru Canada, Inc. (SCI) is pleased to announce that the 2016 Subaru Outback has been named as the Car Guide’s (Le Guide de l’auto) Best Buy – Mid-Size SUV under $50,000 category.

2016 Subaru Outback

2016 Subaru Outback | Budds' Subaru

The Subaru Outback provides car-like handling, yet the versatility of a much larger vehicle. These capabilities make even the most adventurous drive feel unexpectedly civilized. Its styling reinforces its tough and rugged personality, while its interior offers refined materials and friendly technology. The Outback has capability mastered and considerable comfort well in hand.

Further to the recent acknowledgement from Car Guide, the Subaru Outback was also given the nod by the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) last Fall, awarded the Best New SUV/CUV (Under $35,000). Other accolades that the Subaru Outback proudly boasts are the ALG (formerly Automotive Lease Guide) Residual Value Award, Midsize Utility (2 row) Segment (for five consecutive years) and the Canadian Black Book Best Retained Value Award in the Mid-Size Car Category.

Subaru  WRX

2016 Subaru WRX | Budds' Subaru

Additionally, at the Car Guide’s announcement the Subaru WRX was named second in the Best Buy – Sports Car and Coupes under$50,000 category, while the XV Crosstrek and Impreza were also honourable mentions in two other groupings, the Compact / Sub-Compact SUV category, as well as the Compact Car category, respectively.

“It is pleasing to know that the Subaru Outback remains a perennial favourite in the Car Guide’s (Le Guide de l’auto) Best Buys acknowledgements,” said Shiro Ohta, chairman, president and CEO of Subaru Canada, Inc. “For the seventh year in a row we are grateful to receive this award and with three other Subaru models placing well in their respective categories it proves how this knowledgeable group of automotive journalists think highly of Subaru products, as do more and more Canadians.”

Car Guide

For 50 years, the Car Guide (Le Guide de l’auto) has been the largest automobile publication in Quebec and is the publication of choice for those considering a new vehicle purchase. To earn a place among the Best Buys, a car or utility vehicle must be evaluated on strict criteria. The criteria includes the following categories; fuel consumption, reliability, security, multimedia system and interface, daily driveability, and overall appreciation among many others. After independent evaluations take place, an editorial consensus is made to determine category winners.

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