Congratulations To Our Amazing Technicians

Master Tech Competition

The 2014 Master Tech Competition took place over the weekend with 2 of the twelve participants coming from Budds’ Subaru. On the Friday evening there was a “Get-Together” for all involved and this year’s event was an axe-throwing competition. Mario Brunetti finished 2nd to Patrick Kimmell (Tech Line).

Subaru Master Tech Competition | Budds' Subaru

Congratulations To Our Amazing Technicians

In the main competition our technicians were up against some very talented competitors from across the country. This included one former Master Tech Competition Champion. We are proud to let you know that Andrew Bonnett finished 2nd! To have the opportunity to go to the competition amongst all technicians in Canada is one thing, but to finish second, that is truly amazing. As usual, the Budds’ Subaru technicians proved why we are consistently rated one of the best Subaru service centers in Canada.

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May Staff Of The Month – Aaron Jeremie!

Staff Of The Month

Aaron has been selected as our Staff Of The Month for May.

Aaron is a Service Advisor with a sincere sense for customer service. He is always friendly and provides quick and efficient services for the Subaru brand. We are thrilled to have him as a part of the Budds’ Family team.

Staff Of The Month | Budds' Subaru

Aaron Jeremie, Service Advisor

Previously: Project Coordinator

“My co-workers are excellent and I enjoy being around cars. Spending time with my two children and enjoying my automotive hobby is where you’ll find me after work. Also I am a sports fan and into photography. I have two budgies and both my children love cars. A lot of my family is car enthusiasts; I have a brother, and a sister, three nephews and one great niece.”

Favorite Quote: “Life is what you read in the fine print. Experience is what you get when you don’t.”

Tip from the Pro: “Maintenance is the key to ensuring the longevity and reliability of your vehicle. It’s always best to keep up with it.”

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April Staff Of The Month – Jody Barrett!

Staff Of The Month

Jody has been selected as our Staff Of The Month for April.

Jody works in the shop as an apprentice technician, and on top of being one of the hardest working techs we have, he gives his all participating as a pit technician in professional races too, which have taken him to Florida, California and beyond. We are thrilled to have him on our team as he is an important asset.

Staff Of The Month | Budds' Subaru
Jody Barrett, Apprentice Technician

Previously: Prep Cook / Dishwasher at Local Restaurant

I’ve always been an enthusiast and loved the Subaru brand. My interest in their rally heritage and anything with four wheels and an engine eventually led me here to Budds’! The job constantly challenges my thinking and craftsmanship skills. There’s always something new and new problems to solve. Not to mention working on very unique drivetrains found in few cars, i.e. the horizontally opposed flat 4 & 6 motors. When I’m not at work I am a part of the pit crew and mechanic for a race team competing in the Continental Tire Sports Car Series, with a 2011 Subaru WRX STI. As far as family goes, my father is a car guy and mother works for a dealership in Mississauga, so needless to say I was quite the little gearhead growing up.

Favorite Quote: With a little hard work and determination, even the impossible can seem probable.

Tip from the Pro: Although soon to be over (hopefully), ensure low water content windshield washer fluid is used during the cold months. Freezing of the washer system can cause poor visibility and can potentially be dangerous.

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January Staff of the Month – Sue Alessi!

Staff Of The Month

Sue has been selected as our Staff Of The Month for January.

Staff Of The Month | Budds' Subaru

Sue Alessi,  Sales and Leasing Consultant

Previously: University Student at Waterloo

“I came to Budds’ because I was attracted to the friendly and welcoming atmosphere here. Everyone is always very warm and supportive, so it really felt like joining a big family. I like this job because I get to meet new people every day, and each experience is different in their own unique way. I’m also passionate about cars, and my job has allowed me to learn so much more about them. I have my own Subaru, so I fully support the brand! When I’m not here I am either at the gym, catching up with friends and family, or horseback riding. My family loves cars, especially those with AWD. A few of my uncles and cousins are realty big fans!”

Favorite Quote: “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken. Always love who you are…. Your quirks and talents, the good and the bad. Nobody else can be a copy of who you are; enjoy being unique and do what you want to do.”

Tip from the Pro: “Always invest in winter tires! I have the same set we sell (Bridgestone Blizzaks) and they work wonders in the snow. AWD helps to maintain good traction and enables you to turn where you want to turn, but it does nothing in terms of braking on snow. You need the grip that winter tires offer. My Subaru is now unstoppable!”

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December Staff Of The Month – Dave Pecino!

Staff Of The Month

Dave has been selected as our Staff Of The Month for December.

Thank you Dave for being a great worker and taking the initiative to pick up the slack when it needs to be done. You’re the best!!

Staff Of The Month | Budds' Subaru

Dave Pecino, Technician

Previously: Engineering Student

Dave comes to us with engineering knowledge and a passion to learn. He does an incredible job every day. He ensures the vehicles are serviced and cared for with safety in mind. Dave does this with an energetic manner. We appreciate his dedication to this part of the job!

“I came to Budds’ because I was ready to pursue my dreams of becoming a valuable team member at a reputable dealer. I’m able to utilize my practical skills along with continuing my education through the Subaru Academy to improve my technical skills. I also really enjoy the lively, fun environment Budds’ provides. When I’m not here I play drums, snowboard, shoot photography for and play hockey. I have a dog, bird, fish and 2 smaller siblings who will both be driving Subaru’s one day.”

Favorite Quote: “The Price of Success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand!” – Vince Lombardi

Tip from the Pro: “Ensure to do alignments once a year to prolong the life of your tires.”

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November Staff Of The Month – Fares Makki!

Staff Of The Month

Fares has been selected as our Staff Of The Month for November.

Fares works alongside Robbie the parts manager to ensure our department is stocked and efficient. He is a dedicated and energetic employee and goes above and beyond for customers when they walk in the door.

Staff Of The Month | Budds' Subaru

Fares Makki, Parts Advisor

Previously: Lot Attendant at Volvo

“I wanted a change of pace and environment. The 2004/05 Impreza WRX STI is my favourite car and I wanted to be a part of the Subaru Team, so I applied at Budds. I work with my best friends everyday. The group of employees at Budds are more like a family than coworkers. When I’m not working I am at the gym, doing a boxing class or having a nice relaxing evening with my partner. I have 3 brothers ranging from 6 yrs to 18 yrs old, and I am the oldest.”

Favorite Quote: As cliche as it sounds, “You can do anything you set your mind to. Just create a plan and follow through. Just do it.”

Tip from the Pro: “Winter tyres are a must! It’s not because it snows during the winter (or not), it’s because the temperatures drop and the “all-season” & “summer” compounds freeze up, resulting in increased danger.”

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October Staff Of The Month – Dave Arulcheyan!

Staff Of The Month

Dave has been selected as our Staff Of The Month for October. Dave was asked a few questions by our Social Media Manager about his history and what he likes about working here. Every month we will feature a new employee on the blog – we hope you enjoy!!

Staff Of The Month | Budds' Subaru

Dave Arulcheyan, Service Advisor

Previously: Financial Services Rep
I came to Budds’ because I always had a passion for cars and the banking world was not keeping my interest anymore. A position came free at Budds’ and a technician friend informed me about it – the rest is history. I like this job because I work with a group of friends that also work to better our day to day lives together. Work at Budds’ never feels like work as we all work hard and play even harder!! I am a sport loving man that enjoys football (NFL not CFLOL) and a die-hard Toronto Maple Leafs fan! ALSO a major Viking fan. I love cars and run a photography website with our parts manager Robbie called Stance Akademy ( I live in Burlington but my family lives in Oakville. I have one brother in Oakville (a Paramedic) and one sister in Calgary (Urban Planner).

Something Everyone Should Know: “If you’re not first, you’re last!”

Tip from the Pro: Be on top of your oil changes, oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle and never hesitate to call and talk to us in service if you have any questions regarding service on your vehicle.

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