Reducing Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a serious problem in todays ever consumed world of technology. According to Parachute Canada, 13-16% of fatal crashes and 23-27% of crashes causing injury in Canada, involved distracted driving. Fortunately, with a little more driver caution it can be easily avoided. Check out some of the distractions below and do your part to keep our roads safe and stay focused when you’re behind the wheel. Continue reading “Reducing Distracted Driving”

All is Safe at Home Base for Subaru

Not only have all of the 2014 Subaru models been awarded under IIHS standards as a TOP SAFETY PICK, but the newest two vehicles the 2015 Legacy and 2015 Outback follow suit, and are also top safety picks. Some of them, with eyesight (an optional forward collision warning system with autobrake), are even TOP SAFETY PICK+!! No other brands have all models in the top category. Continue reading “All is Safe at Home Base for Subaru”

Why buy a Subaru?

Thanks to Dave’s latest purchase, our back-lot now looks like a gallery of pervious model year Subaru’s – we have so many staff-owned Subaru’s now in the parking lot that you can peruse the laneway and critique the design features on each vehicle, showing the development into the showroom models as they are now! It’s like a bunch of people high-fiving each other. We all really do love Subaru. Continue reading “Why buy a Subaru?”

Subaru is safer than any other: FIVE STAR PLUS IIHS ranking

Subaru customers will tell you they chose a Subaru because they did the research. With a 5-star safety rating and new 5 star plus, the choice is simple. If you want to know more about safety in your car watch the video of different models making a small overlap crash. This type of connection on the road is the cause of the most injuries and the most common crash. The design of your vehicle should consider a few areas of utmost importance during the event of an accident. The Subaru Forester has earned the highest award from the IIHS, and is the only vehicle to ace every part of the test! Continue reading “Subaru is safer than any other: FIVE STAR PLUS IIHS ranking”

Windshield Wipers: How to Solve your Issues

Most people rely on a clean windshield especially througout the winter months when excess dirt from trucks comes spilling onto the front of your car. Apart from keeping some extra washer-fluid in your car for top-ups, is there anything you need to know about caring for your wipers? Here we outline some of the common problems, and how to find the right solution for your windshield wiper woes. Continue reading “Windshield Wipers: How to Solve your Issues”