New 2015 BRZ Sport-Tech Aozora Edition offers STI enhancements

We already love the BRZ enough, but now there is real good news! There’s a new Sport-Tech trim on the block and it’s ready to rock your socks off. Fans of STI and the rear-wheel drive sports coupe will be pleased to see a fresh fusion of STI elements into the 2015 BRZ. Continue reading “New 2015 BRZ Sport-Tech Aozora Edition offers STI enhancements”

WEAR PASS: Excess Wear and Tear

Wear and tear on a vehicle is almost unavoidable. We can all relate to the occasional minor scratch, ding or small dent in the paint. These things are the expected result of every day use of a vehicle. After all, nothing stays new forever. However, when the wear and tear on your leased vehicle goes above and beyond what’s considered normal use, you may face unexpected charges when you return your vehicle at the end of your term. Continue reading “WEAR PASS: Excess Wear and Tear”

Are you into Tuning your Subie?

The first, a traditional blue model, sports the 2.5-litre, turbocharged flat-four from the 2004 WRX STI, which is good for around 300 horsepower. The other Impreza is a bit more hardcore – the engine is a 2.0-litre, turbocharged four-cylinder from the JDM WRX STI, which we suppose makes it more of an Impreza 2.0RS Coupe. Besides the different engines, both cars represent the unique ideas and style of their owners. Continue reading “Are you into Tuning your Subie?”

Subaru Eyesight is Tops in Safety Ranking

When it comes to crash prevention, Subaru is among the Elite. Rated superior to others with technology that outperforms on the International Institute for Highway Safety standard testing, we are happy to include these as new safety options on the 2014 Outback, Legacy and Forester. Continue reading “Subaru Eyesight is Tops in Safety Ranking”