Legacy and Forester Top in Satisfying Customers

When it comes to automotive lemons, there are seven models that consumers would not purchase again according to a Consumer Reports survey. However, Subaru’s 2015-2016 Forster small SUV and their 2015-2016 Legacy sedan are tops on the list when it comes to owners being most satisfied with their purchase. Continue reading “Legacy and Forester Top in Satisfying Customers”

Staff Car Feature – 2005 Legacy GT

We mentioned a couple weeks ago that our parking lot was full of Subaru vehicles, driven by our staff members. So we thought we would showcase a couple of the vehicles on our blog so you can see how passionate we are about driving the vehicles that we sell. The first up is Aaron’s 2005 Legacy GT. Continue reading “Staff Car Feature – 2005 Legacy GT”

Subaru Eyesight is Tops in Safety Ranking

When it comes to crash prevention, Subaru is among the Elite. Rated superior to others with technology that outperforms on the International Institute for Highway Safety standard testing, we are happy to include these as new safety options on the 2014 Outback, Legacy and Forester. Continue reading “Subaru Eyesight is Tops in Safety Ranking”