TSC and Subaru Raise $36,000 for Ronald McDonald House Toronto at 11th Annual #HyperMeet

Over 500 Subaru Enthusiasts joined Subaru Canada, Inc. and the Toronto Subaru Club (TSC) on Sunday, August 17th for their Annual TSC Hyper Meeting. The annual Hyper Meeting raises funds for Ronald McDonald House Toronto (RMH) and this year Subaru Canada matched the TSC raised total of $18,000 for the House, totalling $36,000. Continue reading “TSC and Subaru Raise $36,000 for Ronald McDonald House Toronto at 11th Annual #HyperMeet”

Why buy a Subaru?

Thanks to Dave’s latest purchase, our back-lot now looks like a gallery of pervious model year Subaru’s – we have so many staff-owned Subaru’s now in the parking lot that you can peruse the laneway and critique the design features on each vehicle, showing the development into the showroom models as they are now! It’s like a bunch of people high-fiving each other. We all really do love Subaru. Continue reading “Why buy a Subaru?”

Our Donation to the Christmas Wonders Program

Part of the Kerr Street Ministries charity work in Oakville consists of the Christmas Wonders Program, where underpriveleged families receive money for gifts to make the Christimas season come to life. The program takes donations from local families then purchases gift cards in bulk and distributes them to those living below the poverty line. The motive is to have each member of the family receive a $25 gift card for food, and $50 for gifts then they can make the purchase themselves. Continue reading “Our Donation to the Christmas Wonders Program”

Weekend: Wake-Up to Yoga in the Park!!

There is nothing better on a chilly morning than to get outside near the dewey grass and welcome the sun as it warms up the soccer pitch at the back of Shell Park! We had surprisingly pleasant weather on September 14th, when Budds’ Subaru and some of our best customers and staff practised a class together. This was our first Morning Yoga event, and we were not short on prizes to give away, including a highly-valued peice of Art by Sanjay Patel, $200 to our service department, and a 2014 Subaru Demo for the weekend. Daniela brought her daughter Isabella and they, Gluten Free and Me the specialty store located on Rebecca St in Oakville, cooked up some amazing pancakes for after the class. Thanks to the Silvery Blue Butterfly spa in Oakville, who made sure everyone went home with a $25 certificate towards spa services. We also would like to thank our parts sponsor Wurth for the Winner’s certificates, and clothing sponsor Dedicated, but MOST OF ALL: Beth Rutty, who without her excellent instruction we would have been lost. There is no better way to wake up! Continue reading “Weekend: Wake-Up to Yoga in the Park!!”