Two New Concepts to Debut at the Tokyo Motor Show

Subaru has been growing steadily for years now in U.S. sales, and they’re looking to push those numbers even higher by showing off concepts for a new Impreza wagon and full-size SUV at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show.

Subaru SUV

The full size SUV is set to be Subaru’s newest attempt at a full-size “lifestyle” sports-utility-vehicle, which should make every “weekend adventurer” in America come running from the hills. Subaru isn’t making this Subaru SUV – it’s called the VISIV concept – it previews Subaru’s new platform (along with the Impreza concept). The SUV features a turbo-engine hybrid set up with the use of electric motors offering the brand’s famous 4WD setup without the annoying hump for the prop-shaft running through the interior.

Subaru is also upping its safety image with the VISIV concept featuring an active automatic braking system, surround-view radar sensors, vehicle-to-infrastructure communication, as well as automated parking.

The Impreza 5-door hatchback concept previews a refresh of the current model – which isn’t all that old. From the current sketch images, it looks to be grabbing some of the “design DNA” of the brand, from the current WRX’s concept car a few years ago. The squared off headlights and taillights in the sketch look bold, and the car shares the exaggerated rear-hump of the WRX. The steeply sloped roofline promises something slightly sexier than the current model. All these improvements are exciting enough, though there is no word yet about whether there are plans to revive a 5-door WRX or STI, or even transmission possibilities, though a manual is offered on the current generation.

The concept cars should be brought to reality in late October, which is TMS opens its doors for the show. The new Impreza hatch should show up around late-2016, with the new full-size SUV following it. The new platform on the Impreza will also show up in the entire lineup through model refreshes over the next few years. Subaru also promises direct-injection on all engines, as well as cylinder deactivation and leaner combustion by 2016, with plans for its first plug-in hybrid model to show up in 2018.

The ultimate goal is to achieve over one million vehicle sales in a fiscal year by 2021 and Subaru is right on track.

Photos by: Automotive News

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