Windshield Wipers: How to Solve your Issues

Most people rely on a clean windshield especially througout the winter months when excess dirt from trucks comes spilling onto the front of your car. Apart from keeping some extra washer-fluid in your car for top-ups, is there anything you need to know about caring for your wipers? Here we outline some of the common problems, and how to find the right solution for your windshield wiper woes.

1. Streaky Windshield: caused by wiper not making full contact with the windsheild.
Solution: clean the wiper blade to carefully remove ice build-up from the rubber. Consider replacing the wiper if old (we advise you to have them inspected every 6 months – just ask our service department to have a look for you!) You can tell the wiper needs replacing if the rubber is old and no longer a flat, smooth seam. Also look for tears in the rubber.

2. Frozen Wiper: the wiper gets buildup of ice or snow.
Solution: turn on your wiper de-icer if you have it for a few minutes while you are scraping around the rest of the windsheild. Make sure to remove the buildup from the base of the windshield as well, giving them a good bang against the glass. Without the deicer it is good practise to park with your wiper blades lifted.

3. Wiper not moving: the motor stops running.
Solution: common causes of an imobile wiper are motor issues. This is caused by trying to run the wipers as an ice scraper or running them with a heavy snow buildup on top. Always clear away the excess ice and snow first before running the wipers or you run the risk of breaking the teeth within the motor. We will be able to tell whether it is the motor

Ask us if you need a replacement pair, we can find the proper fit for your vehicle model. Not all wiper blades are the same, but Genuine Subaru ones have a natural rubber wiping edge to assure a streak-free view. And they don’t rust! Best of luck in the winter driving months!!

Author: BuddsSubaru

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