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a month ago
Car shopping - Salesman was really good here. Explained everything and didn't try to oversell the next class to us. He listened to what we wanted and showed us what it was. He even followed up with a call back a week later to see where we were at with car shopping. Unfortunately wife didn't like the ride so we didn't continue.
2 months ago
Great experience in purchasing our 2018 Outback from super nice guy George Ang. After answering a myriad of questions and a test drive, we told George there were a couple of cars that we wanted to check out. He confidently encouraged us to do our due diligence and see if their test drives would be as good as in an Outback. Fortunately for George we could not find another vehicle that we enjoyed driving as much as the Outback. It drives like it on rails through a curve, can't wait to see how good it's going to be in snow. Very quite and decent sound system , best we have had. Roomy interior, leaving you with a spacious feeling. Great car and its only be a week. Thanks, George you helped us in making the right decision in selecting the Outback as our new family car.
2 months ago
Recently purchased my 2018 Outback at Budd''s through Will Hooper, friendly service and informative. I expressed my needs and told him my possible options , Will provided information to help me make a decision. I came back twice to test drive and Will was happy to accommodate. As for price negotiations, I went to a couple of other places to look at prices came back and they offered me a similar price. The whole process up to financing offer was well done. Family friendly dealership, my kids were able to run around and be kids in the dealership floor.
2 months ago
Very horrible experience dealing with the manager. The sales person was helpful but the manager was very impolite and not even ready to make a deal. I was interested in the outback premier and rather he suggested to go for a cheaper version doubting my affordability. I never had such an experience at any dealership with any of my previous car purchases in the last 20 years. I would never recommend to go to Budd's Subaru as they deal by judging a book by its cover. The on road price on Subaru Canada website is lower than what I was offered at the dealership. Rather than going through such a bad experience, I wish I could have bought the car online. I am giving 1 star as the system would not let me post a review but I wish I could have starred them with negative grades. Very disappointed.
3 months ago
A very happy and easy buying experience. We were warmly greeted and explained to Shelley exactly what we were looking for. Within 20 minutes we were taking a test drive, and 20 minutes later had bought the car. A wee bit of haggling, as was to be expected, but all conducted in good humour with no pressure and no "you-have-to-buy-today" nonsense. The business manager, a very affable fellow, followed through on the buying process very well, and while he did try to sell the usual rustproofing and extended warranty, they were simply offered to us with again no pressure to buy. I've bought a lot of cars, and this was easily the best experience I've had. Special cheers to Shelley for being both straightforward and affable at the same time.

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