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in the last week
Great service - plain and simple! Had an unusual issue with my 2016 Crosstrek on a recent regular service that Robbie the service manager identified and personally took care of - extremely pleased with the outcome. Daine the service advisor is always friendly, outgoing, and welcoming. Can't ask for more!
in the last week
I did all services here for my outback, and another X1 with Budds BMW. but the outback was in an accident this morning, the wheel cannot be rolled, I called a CAA towed my car to this dealer for fixing. The staff told me there is no spot until Friday, I am OK with a Friday appointment. But the surprise is that she told me I cannot leave my car there, I have to tow that poor outback out of their area, a suggestion is the hotel cross the street!!! I think that's a good time to forget the BUDDS!
in the last week
I helped my mom with her purchase of a 2018 Subaru Forrester. Keith Normoyle was very patient explaining everything and the best thing was no high pressure sales. The experience was pleasant, easy paced and helpful. She loves the car and can't stop talking about it. Need a new car? Go see Keith Normoyle, you won't regret it. Thanks Keith and Budds Subaru
a week ago
Each time I go in there, I am greeted with a smile! I am treated respectfully throughout the appointment, there is great coffee (and lactose-free milk) if waiting, but best of all, they do what they say they are going to do, within the timeframe given. What more does anyone want from a Service Department?
2 weeks ago
Be very weary of the warranty coverage, what Budds promises at time of purchase and what they will actually cover are two different things. Typical "car dealership", all the bells and whistles at time of purchase and then the good old "I'm sorry but the rust warranty only covers perforation due corrosion and not rust resulting from impact (example being stone chips). If you refer to your “Warranty/Maintenance” booklet on pages 11 and 12 there is an explanation of surface rust and perforation coverages. Unfortunately this cannot be covered under your Sym-Tech coverage as well as I have read over your contract coverage as well". My suggestion is that purchasers should take the warranty coverage home and read it before you actually sign.

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