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in the last week
Only go to Budd's if you absolutely must go to a dealer. There is a greed-fueled parasite mentality that plagues the automotive industry. You can feel it at Budd's Subaru. There are a few excellent shops that specialize in Subarus and repairing what is needed. They exist and thrive because the dealers have become notorious for selling parts and service that you do not need or ask for. I had a compression test and leak down test done at Budd's that determined the engine in my car was shot. After the test results I was upsold a PVC valve on an engine with 65% leak in one cylinder. When I spoke to mechanics that I know who work at other dealerships, they couldn't believe the nerve of Budd's Subaru to sell a part for a ruined engine that couldn't fix the problem. I have twice been quoted a new turbo assembly for my car without the turbo even being checked to see if it has a problem. Budd's Subaru has a terrible reputation among Subaru enthusiasts, who all recommend taking Subarus to other shops for repairs. I have twice been quoted repairs at Budd's for twice the amount that other specializing mechanics charge. And the specialists actually get their parts from the Subaru dealers too. Not impressed with the lack of respect that Budd's has for their customers. Budd's lost my repair job that every other mechanic quoted as high as $5,500, because Budd's wanted over $9,000. I tried to take my 1992 Subaru Turbo Legacy to Budd's a few years ago, and they refused to work on my Subaru because of it's age. A Subaru dealer that refused to work on a Subaru. To see the shops that specialize in Subarus busier than the Subaru dealers themselves speaks volumes. The only reason that they got 2 stars was because they were not rude, and they were good about handling loaners when you need them. It will be interesting to see if I am treated differently, or face a vindictive disposition because I've posted an honest review. UPDATE: The manager Rob who left a response below doesn't seem to have his facts straight. He writes to the reader, and not to the reviewer. First, Budd's charged me $350 just to tell me that my engine was seized. Since there were no parts that they used, that means that they took over two hours of labour to discover that the engine was seized. I went elsewhere to have my seized engine swapped out for an engine with half of the mileage on it. Budd's quoted over $9000 for an new engine replacement on a 250,000km car. The other shop quoted me $5,500 for a used engine that had half of the mileage of the car, that would include new timing belt, tensioners, water pump, etc. The #4 cylinder on the newer engine has 65% on a leak down test that Subaru charged me $450 for. The scrap yard let me keep the engine with a full refund. Free engine and my money back for the repairs it needed. I emailed Budd's Subaru asking for a quote on a small block replacement job to fix the newer engine. The quote I was sent included replacement of a small block, turbo assembly, timing belt kit, tensioners, etc. I already have a brand new timing belt, water pump, tensioners, installed at the time of the engine swap, and my turbo is clean and running fine. Again, Budd's Subaru quoted me replacement and labour for many parts that I didn't need for the job without looking to see if I needed them, and never asked for, doubling the price of the job. Budd's doesn't tell you these extra parts are "optional", they just add them to the quote. As far as my 1992 Legacy that he mentioned, I had my transmission completely rebuilt by a transmission shop in Hamilton. I tried to bring my Legacy into Budd's after that for other work because I wanted Mario (a highly reputable Subaru mechanic) to work on my car. I was turned away because the service manager said my car was too old. They didn't seem to make a note of that in the history notes of my car, which is the only point of reference that the current manager has to use for his response.
a week ago
Budds is awesome, friendly and professional. On my 3rd lease with Justin and couldn’t be happier. He explained all of my options when returning my WRX and helped me get in the seat of a new STI! From the time I contacted him about my current end of lease, the test drive and paperwork for the new one it couldn’t have been any smoother. When picking up the new vehicle Will is there to go over all of its features. I’ve dealt with many dealers over the years and Budds is the only one that I’ve actually left the licence plate protectors on.
3 weeks ago
I just bought my third Subaru from Budds. This time it was a WRX. I love the car and Budds has always treated me really well. If you are looking for a great car buying experience go see Erick Chacon and he will look after you!
2 months ago
I recently purchased a Subaru Legacy from Budds Subaru. I absolutely love the car. It handles perfectly, has nearly every feature I could ever want (and some that I don't want/need). Erick was great at helping us out. We did have an appointment to purchase the car on a Saturday and the other Eric was running about 20-30 minutes behind. Then, when we came back to pick up the car on the Thursday they had the times wrong (we said we would pick it up at 11:00am, and they had it scheduled as 1:00pm). So, once we got there we also had to wait about 30-45min to be seen. My car is great so far, we will see once I have an issue with it.
2 months ago
Just purchased a 2017 Forester and we are very pleased with our decision. The vehicle is everything we expected and we look forward to many years of safe and enjoyable driving. Your sales consultant, Erick, was very friendly, knowledgeable and provided us with all the information and advice we needed to proceed with the purchase. We would most certainly consider your dealership and especially Erick for any future business we may be considering.

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