We already love the BRZ enough, but now there is real good news! There’s a new Sport-Tech trim on the block and it’s ready to rock your socks off. Fans of STI and the rear-wheel drive sports coupe will be pleased to see a fresh fusion of STI elements into the 2015 BRZ – The Aozora Edition.

Aozora Edition

Subaru has spent their resources to develop the purists version of a sports car; light in weight, with acceptable fuel economy, and an immensely low center of gravity.The car typically comes in standard or automatic with a 200 horsepower horizontally opposed Subaru BOXER engine. “Combined with Subaru renowned safety and quality, the BRZ is a sports car with practicality as well as performance.” You can now get the traditional BRZ Sport-Tech, or the BRZ Sport-Tech Aozora Edition will be available on 2015 models. The Aozora Edition starts at $31,395 and offers all of the features of the Sport-Tech, with additional STI components. These components make the driving experience even more wondrous for the driver. The new BRZ Sport-Tech Aozora Edition is only offered with a 6-speed manual transmission. It’s available in Crystal White Pearl or World Rally Blue.

What will the Aozora Edition look like? It comes with an a STI front, and the side and rear lip under-spoiler kit are flanked by 17-inch black STI alloy wheels and red brake calipers. Inside, a red STI engine-start button will illuminate for the driver and a frameless rear view mirror is added. Exclusive black and blue Alcantara with blue leather seats match the accenting interior blue stitching on the steering wheel, arm rest, inner door trim, centre console side panel knee pad, shift boot and parking brake lever. The addition of a body undercover, improves the drag coefficient to further the driving dynamics of the vehicle.

This is something we are looking forward to seeing!

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