Thanks to Dave’s latest purchase, our back-lot now looks like a gallery of previous model year Subaru’s. We have so many staff-owned Subaru’s now in the parking lot that you can peruse the laneway and critique the design features on each vehicle, showing the development into the showroom models as they are now! It’s like a bunch of people high-fiving each other. We all really do love Subaru.

Why Buy A Subaru?

We are constantly praising our line-up of vehicles for many reasons. Among them, safety (Five-star ratings with the IIHS), performance (rally-bred heritage), fuel efficiency, excellent service, all-around versatility (Standard Symmetrical AWD), value retention, and much more. You don’t have to look any further for a vehicle that does it all.

What’s Coming Up On The Horizon?

Here is an approximate schedule of when the newly redesigned, next-year models, are going to land in the showroom, so that you can call us today and get your order in!

Current Subaru Model Selling Year

  • Tribeca – 2014 is the last year for Tribeca
  • Forester – 2015 here now
  • Impreza – 2015 arriving September/October ish
  • Legacy – 2015 Landing Beginning of July
  • Outback – 2015 Landing Beginning of July
  • WRX STI – 2015 Here now
  • BRZ – 2015 arriving September/October ish
  • XV Crosstrek – 2015 arriving September/October ish

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