For the second year in a row, the Subaru BRZ was named an All-Star by the American publication, Automobile Magazine – that’s one spot to our rear-wheel drive coupe out of the ten allotted special statuses. We are thrilled to announce this accolade to the BRZ name, as it’s also one of our favorites in the line-up.


Right now, it’s all about bang for your buck, and the BRZ gets you sports coupe for a great price. We have two silver BRZ’s in stock at the moment, ready to take you into the summer – which we call the Silver Twins.

In case you aren’t ready just yet to jump on this opportunity, let us tell you a bit more about the BRZ…

Our Take On It

“The Subaru BRZ is among the few modern cars you can enjoy driving at the limit without losing your license. It’s a hoot to drive. It has a perfectly balanced, rear-wheel-drive chassis and perfectly placed controls. On top of all that, it doesn’t cost a fortune to buy or operate. No wonder it’s an Automobile Magazine All-Star for the second year in a row.”
Jean Jennings, Editor-In-Chief of Automobile Magazine

“The BRZ is the quintessential sports car at a price point that makes it inclusive to anyone looking for affordable all out fun. With the handling of a go cart, one of the smoothest transmissions on the market, and the lines of sport cars costing multiples of the BRZ, it remains the choice of enthusiasts everywhere.”
Terry Budd, Budds’ Subaru Dealer Principle

“Personally, I love the look of the BRZ, how low it is. The fact that it has sporty handling is just a bonus.”
Shelley, Social Media Manager

“For the price you can’t go wrong. I’d buy a grey one.”
David, Lot Manager

“It’s sharp and it feels like you’re glued to the floor on turns, it’s awesome.”Matty, Lot Attendant

“I laugh when I hear people say “why did Subaru make a Rear wheel drive vehicle?”. They obviously haven’t had the chance to drive it. Having Subaru’s proven reliability combined with a Subaru boxer engine and rear wheel drive drivetrain?… It’s really a no brainer!”
Dave, Certified Technician

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