Wear and tear on a vehicle is almost unavoidable. We can all relate to the occasional minor scratch, ding or small dent in the paint. These things are the expected result of every day use of a vehicle. After all, nothing stays new forever. However, when the wear and tear on your leased vehicle goes above and beyond what’s considered normal use, you may face unexpected charges when you return your vehicle at the end of your term. This is where the Wear Pass comes in.

Wear Pass – Excess Wear & Tear Plan

The Wear Pass Excess Wear & Tear Plan is designed to eliminate these end of lease charges. With Wear Pass you can relax – you don’t have to be on constant guard for unexpected mishaps with your lease vehicle. You can lease with confidence knowing that you’re protected from the unexpected.


The Wear Pass Excess Wear & Tear Plan is a product you can trust because it’s an official product of Subaru Financial Services. It is recommended for everyone who chooses to lease their vehicle.

With Wear Pass, you can now rest easy knowing we’ll be waiving up to $4,000 in charges at lease end.

Charges may include:

  • Up to 1,000 excess kilometers
  • Damaged, worn, or bald tires
  • Damaged windshields
  • Excess Wear and Tear charges for cracks, scratches, dents, dings, gouges, chips, damaged alloys, cuts, tears, stains and burn holes.
  • Excess Wear and Tear charges for single items that are less than $1000 each.*

*Contact us for a copy of the Excess Wear and Tear Partial Waiver addendum to the Lease agreement for information and full limitations and exclusions.

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