Ladies and gentleman, this is what Subaru’s are known for; take look at this WRX!

WRX Helps Out The Local Police

Behold the Subaru as it gracefully pulls a Policeman’s Dodge out of a snowy situation; a love affair visible just in time for Valentines Day. What else does this car have eyes for, other than a Cop car stuck on an icy driveway? The snow itself! And lucky we are having such a cold and snowy winter, the Subaru’s around town have been able to get their fill of nasty driving conditions.

You will never meet a Subaru driver who doesn’t know what their car is capable of, and this video has really put the scenario in laymans terms for us. Subaru’s love the snow. Once it gets going this performance sedan makes the rescue flawlessly. Third time’s a charm!

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