2014 Impreza

Each Subaru model has it’s own points to boast about. The Impreza is often overshadowed this time of year when the larger, mountain-wrecking models dominate the market. That’s not to say that this little vehicle doesn’t have it’s own bragging rights. Sometimes the one that gets overlooked is the one you wanted all along!

We gathered some comments from our sales staff to help you get to know everything this vehicle is capable of. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Impreza Staff Review

With standard Symmetrical Full-Time AWD the Impreza is no match to its competitors. Subaru’s BOXER engine has a low center of gravity improving stability and driving control. This vehicle is the perfect car to take up north in the snowy winter months for some rest and relaxation!
– Adrienne Smith, Sales and Leasing Consultant.

With large windows that leave almost no blind spot, weaving through traffic is a breeze that also gives you a confidence boost. Whether you’re traversing through a crowded parking lot, merging onto the freeway, or reclining the seats to stargaze through the sunroof, visibility is unmatched in the Subaru Impreza. Visibility is just as important as a safety feature, as it is for taking in a beautiful view.
– Sue Alessi, Sales and Leasing Consultant

AWD on a sedan is unheard of, and it comes in a hatchback as well. I love this car because it is stylish and performance focused. There is something both masculine and refined about the Impreza.
– Shelley Budd, Social Media Marketing

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