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  • North Alliance Auto Parts Jun 11, 2019

    My girlfriend and I were worried about buying our first new car as we have heard so many stories about dealerships. This was absolutely not the case at Budds Subaru. Erick helped us out a ton explaining the benefits of each car. My girlfriend ended up picking one out of our price range but Erick and Ryan both made it work by talking us about different [...]

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  • Patricia Cebrero Jun 13, 2019

    Excellent service from service staff. Waited comfortably in the waiting room with a complimentary cup of coffee while listening to good music and watching TV headlines. Excellent service from Mr. Aaron Jeremie, Service Advisor, who is always very courteous, smiling, and helpful.

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  • Roberto Hidalgo Jun 18, 2019

    Service is fast & reliable, the waiting room is comfortable and the attention is very good ... nothing to complain!!! Update on June 2019 ... same as above with the addition of having visited the new location! Just as good as ever ... perfect combination of good vehicle + good service!

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  • Antonio Belluardo Mar 30, 2019

    Thank you to Erick for a great experience. The little things he did made buying a car surprisingly enjoyable experience. The little extras that were added without being asked for and AFTER I had signed a contract and paid. So they had nothing to gain from it all! I highly recommend visiting Subaru in Oakville. And will be getting my next vehicle [...]

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  • Erwin Sloboda May 24, 2019

    Great service managers. Made my experience great. Somewhat pricy for what I got done

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